An Australia Golf Company Founded in 1996.
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After an exhaustive period of research and development, and via the use of a very specific soft-forged carbon steel and our unique CNC milling processes, Piranha Golf delivers a premium “best in class” iron range. Each A-blade head is milled to exacting tolerances, without exception, and players can be confident in club head balance and weight right across the range of these irons.

The A-blade range is specifically designed for slightly better players and low handicappers who typically have a tighter swing plane and who will be able to access maximum benefit out of the club head. Via the use of a minimal offset, the A-blade translates into a tighter swing pattern which encourages the player to maximize the design benefits of the club head; feel and workability.

  • Forged 1020 stainless steel
  • .370 Parallel hosel diameter
  • Thin top line permits easy visibility for exacting shot shaping
  • Advanced head profile design for outstanding feel and control
  • Reduced ball spin achieved through advanced head technology
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