An Australia Golf Company Founded in 1996.


Antonio Gelonesi

Antonio Gelonesi is the Chairman and owner of Piranha Golf. He has wide business experience in the financial services industry and in recent years he has consulted extensively in the energy and renewable and sustainable energy sectors, first as Global Leader for climate change with Deloitte Touche and then as a freelance consultant. In recognition of his devotion to, and love of, the golf industry, Antonio has achieved Master Club Maker status after spending a number of years learning and honing his skills. A passionate scientist, engineer and solutions-based inventor, Antonio is also a keen golfer, has owned a golf resort, successfully run high profile men’s and women’s golf tournaments in Australia and has been a merchant of change in the Australian golf industry for many years. He is very excited and committed about introducing the Piranha CUSTOM FITTED Golf brand to the world because he believes it will eventually rank alongside the current prestige equipment providers across the world.