An Australia Golf Company Founded in 1996.
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Piranha Golf’s highly acclaimed Bite Wedge range has been specifically designed to create low impact bounce and greater control when the club head collides with turf or sand during the shot. The wedges are available in 52, 56 and 60 degree versions.

Explosive at ball impact, resulting in very high launch angles, the wedges are deadly accurate on either approach, or from just off the green. They take their name because of the incredible ball spin they deliver and the consequent stopping power (or bite) once the ball lands on the green.

Golfers can confidently add variety and improvisation to their shot-making as these clubs deliver superb control and feel to players because of the softer steel used in the manufacturing process. Just as effective from inside bunkers, the Bite Wedge range delivers enhanced exit accuracy and incredible stopping power to critically assist in saving strokes when the ball is released from the hazard onto the green. Our 60 degree wedge is Piranha Golf’s “flop shot” master club.

  • Forged 1020 stainless steel
  • .370 parallel hosel diameter
  • Dynamic sole design
  • Sensible lower bounce design for easy ball flight management
  • High spin rate achievable through our highly milled face
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