An Australia Golf Company Founded in 1996.



Piranha Golf takes enormous pride in its environmental and sustainable practices.

Our Carbon Footprint:

Significant levels of energy are used when forging club heads in our factory and we have determined the amount  of that energy as well as the relative energy used and the carbon emissions created during transportation and assembly. As a consequence, Piranha Golf has purchased “off-setting contracts” to “zero out” our carbon footprint and we can accordingly offer our clients zero carbon clubs.

In addition, by using an “air blow” process to install our grips, rather then traditional methods, Piranha Golf limits the use of processing chemicals and this is a manufacturing process that we strongly advocate and encourage others to adopt. If we do need to use any acetone, we have developed a lemon acetone variant of equal efficiency but which has significant environmental benefits for both our staff and the planet.  Piranha Golf will happily provide this lemon acetone to all club makers “at cost” to promote  better practices and to demonstrate our willingness to meaningfully assist in achieving a cleaner environment.

If you are an industry participant, and require any additional information about our environmental policies, or assistance in developing or enhancing your own, please  do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to guide and assist you,unconditionally.