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Mr. Vince Fratercangelo – Tennessee

Mr. Vince Fratercangelo, Director of Instruction, Kirkwood National Golf Club, Holly Springs, MS, gave the following feedback after testing our Fairway Metal (3) and Bite Wedge between September 25th and 27th 2009:

“Just thought I’d stop by and give a little feedback on my newly acquired Piranha Golf clubs (56* wedge and 3 metal).

Let’s start with the wedge….what caught my attention immediately was the weight of the club as well as the craftsmanship; both made an immediate positive impact. As for the performance…awesome! From both approach shots and around the green the wedge allowed me to make a variety of shots. From the bunker it was very easy to control the distance……this club will stay in my bag….period!

As for the 3 metal it is very eye appealing and gives you a feel of confidence over the ball. It seems to get the ball up quickly and the feel off the face when hit was solid A+; another keeper! As golf a professional I have no problem endorsing such a well made product that delivers”!

In late November 2009, a combination set of V-Blades and Performance Cavity Clubs were shipped to Vince.

“Well here you go…I had the pleasure of hitting each and every club in my bag today and I’m not really sure where to start. Solid, control, feel and confidence are all words I can use to describe these clubs! Not to mention they look very sharp! The clubs give you a sense of total control which of course helps raise your level of confidence with every swing. I am very pleased to now be playing Piranha Golf clubs and I have hit just about every club on Earth….These are great clubs and the craftsmanship is evident. I can’t end without a special “Thank You” to the BIG fish at Piranha Golf; Antonio, Steve and Andrew for bringing me into the Piranha family…great guys and a great Company. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of Team Piranha!

Vince’s earlier golf positions included:

Director of Instruction – Rock Manor Golf Club, Wilmington, DE 2006-2008

General Manager & Head Golf Professional – Prince William Golf Club, Nokesville, VA 2005-2006

Head Golf Professional – Walden Golf Club, Crofton, MD 2003-2005

Teaching Professional – Stratton Golf School, Stratton Mtn., VT 1999-2003

Louise Harris, Professional Golfer – Ireland

I received my Piranha clubs in early June of 2010 and in July of 2010 I managed to pass my PGA Playing Ability Test with my Piranha clubs (in Orlando, FL). They are truly amazing. With only 2 weeks practice my Piranha’s felt like they had always been mine.

The wedges in particular are fantastic to play with, I love the feel of them and, whether chipping or pitching from just off the green or from much further away, you know the clubs will make the ball do what is needed. I had a playing lesson with my coach last week and when I was hitting the wedges, he was often heard to exclaim “wow, great shot”.

The clubs provide consistent ball flight and give a level of confidence to the player that is very hard to come by. If you make a good swing at the ball, it will do what you want it to do with a Piranha in your hand.

Mr. Tom Conway – Indiana

Tom Conway is an Independent Golf Representative and PGA Teaching Professional with over 45 years of professional golf experience. Tom possesses a wealth of knowledge and during his career he has served golfers in many capacities; caddy, caddy master, head golf professional and as well superintendent. In addition, Tom has undertaken golf course design as well as overseeing course construction (see

Tom received a 420cc Gelo-Proto Driver and a 52 degree Bite Wedge in late November 2009.

“Sometimes you get lucky. That’s exactly what has happened to me. Instead of going to the fall PGA show in Vegas, I checked out all of the vendors attending. Piranha Golf Australia jumped out. When I opened the web site, it was love at first bite! After a couple of email’s and a call or two, Steve Collins decided to put a couple of clubs in my hands; a driver and a wedge. Now you might think that I’m going to give each club a great clubs review and you would be right! I miss-hit most of my drives (not on purpose) and still watched them fly pretty much like they were hit correctly. Written on the wedge is the word, “Bite.” Believe it! Hit it where you aim, with the right distance and simply just trust it! I can’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the clubs!

I’m looking forward to Piranha Golf chewing on some tournament golf this coming season! The wedge bites!! That’s a good thing. The driver fits my “swing hard in case you hit” game plan!

I’m spreading the word…Piranha Golf…Coming to Indiana soon”!

Mr. Jeff Warden – Arkansas

PGA Professional Golfer –

“As a professional golfer, I put extreme significance on playing with quality equipment that can keep up with the demands of my game.  When I received your Piranha Golf 3 metal via Facebook contest, I have to say I was more than skeptical. I had been “sold” on the major brands and heard so many sales pitches I could probably work for any of the “big” golf brands. I hadn’t heard one thing about Piranha Golf or the quality of your products. I instantly loved the look of the club, but I wanted to see results. I took the Piranha Golf 3 metal to the course the day I received it to play a quick nine holes and my skepticism changed around the fourth hole.  I went from questioning the quality of your product to wondering if it was even a legal club. I missed one fairway (actually just hit it a little too far) and consistently outdrove my playing partners’ drivers. I have hit a myriad of clubs in my life and never one that performed like that…distance, control, ball flight…everything!!! Traditionally, I have been a person who always looks for something better when the “new” wore off and I have always enjoyed looking for the next great thing in catalogs such as “golfsmith” and “the golf warehouse”. I have to say I have been playing the Piranha Golf 3 metal since November 2009 and it still performs today as well as it did on day one… I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of Piranha Golf and I don’t have one negative thing to say about your 3 metal.  As I said earlier, I enjoy looking at golf catalogs, but I’m so impressed with Piranha Golf that those catalogs go straight from the mailbox to the garbage can”.

Dudley Clarke

Scottish expat living in Japan (courtesy

I switched to a Piranha putter about a year ago. As a beginner golfer I can’t really compare it to many others but before the Piranha I had a TaylorMade Spider. I always had a problem with long putts, always coming up short, but once I switched to the Piranha my number of 3 putts dropped by half almost immediately. I love the weight of it, for I have learnt to use the heel of the putter on short putts and the center sweet spot on the long ones. I don’t think I will ever change…. And because of the putter I went out and bought a full set of irons from Piranha, they helped me shave about 10 strokes off my score within the first month…

Andre Ferris

Ontario, Canada (courtesy of

Let me just say this. I won the Piranha putter off a Facebook contest and to be honest with you my putting was so bad that I had very little expectations that this could possibly help my game. Even before I got off the practice green, my confidence was so high that I had my best round of putting EVER, with only 11 putts of the front nine. I have now used the Piranha putter for an entire golf season and although I’m not ready to play on the tour, I truly have improved my golf game.

Thanks Piranha!

Jennifer Maurer – North Carolina

Vice President, The Brandinghouse
Former Secretary, Executive Women’s Golf Association, Asheville Area, NC Chapter
Marketing Director, The Littlest Golfer
National Public Relations Director, Little Linksters

Piranha’s support of my golf game began long before I became a customer. It came in the form of encouragement, humor and humility; traits I find particularly appealing, especially as a woman golfer and a fledgling one at that.

I have worked in the golf industry for 3 years, helping to launch companies dedicated to making golf more accessible for children. In all that time, however, it never occurred to me that golf wasn’t very accessible for me, a grown woman. That’s where Piranha Golf comes in.

Not only did Steve and Antonio see my potential long before I did, they believed that women golfers like me deserved clubs that were designed for our unique physiology. Clubs that I could grow into, not settle for. These are real clubs; master crafted, expertly aligned and perfectly weighted to deliver maximum distance and trajectory.

Given their high level of performance, it almost seems disrespectful to mention how gorgeous these clubs are. But, they are. The forged irons stand apart from any beginner’s set, and my low-torque graphite shafts are a cut above the standard ladies’ flex. Perhaps that explains why they feel like a natural extension of my arm.

With my Piranha Golf Lady’s Series clubs, I know when I’ve hit a good shot; not because these clubs punish me when I hit off target, on the contrary, they give me better results than I deserve. Piranha’s grips and weights feel so natural that when I hit well, I am not just “being the ball,” I am feeling it. And what a great feeling that is.

With only four formal lessons under my belt, I debuted my Piranhas on a premier golf course, playing the same holes just played by the President of the United States. How did I do? I bogeyed the first hole and got on the green in regulation on the second. Not bad (and that’s teeing off with a 4 hybrid, not a driver)!

Piranha Golf’s support has not ended with the purchase of my Lady’s Series. Piranha Golf welcomed me to their team with open arms. And it’s a pretty impressive team. From the company’s founder and Chairman, a master club maker and long-time supporter of women’s golf, to its rapidly growing team members—professional PGA players, Futures Tour golfers, Guinness World Record holders and new and eager golfers like myself. Piranha Golf encourages and celebrates us all. And that support is as priceless as its clubs.

Piranha Golf clubs will always be in my bag. I am a fan for life!