An Australia Golf Company Founded in 1996.




Piranha Golf’s research and development arm was charged with a significant task; to make an iron range that was specific to women, took into account the unique physiology of women, delivered enhanced functionality, was aesthetically pleasing and which helped and encouraged women to play golf. The end result? Our stunning “Lady’s Series” range has been delivered!

This iron range is perfectly suited to high handicap and beginner women golfers who crave two aspects when they are playing; height and distance. Constructed using our specifically selected softer 304 carbon steel, these perfectly balanced irons deliver much enjoyment to users through better feedback, unique feel and superior performance. The “shot forgiveness” Piranha Golf has successfully engineered into these clubs makes them very special indeed. Purchasers can add our hybrids (H2 – H5) into the set for added performance.

  • 304 stainless steel
  • .370 parallel hosel diameter
  • Our advanced “easy to hit” design promotes contracted shot dispersion
  • Our manufacturing processes deliver superior legal machine grooving that delivers reduced ball spin rates


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