An Australia Golf Company Founded in 1996.



Piranha Golf’s success to date is a direct function of the emphasis we place on quality manufacturing processes. Those processes do not tolerate any concept of “near enough being good enough”; we aim to deliver premium clubs exhibiting a consistent quality across our entire range.

Our engineers have devoted their careers to designing clubheads that hit better and feel better. With this kind of dedication to the pursuit of designs of the highest quality, it should come as little surprise that our manufacturing relies on mold makers who can faithfully replicate our theoretical designs and a high end foundry that could produce consistent product, clubhead after clubhead. Completing our component requirements, we use premium shafts and grips and our 3M adhesives perform at optimum levels.

During the final assembly process, individual clubs have the head and shaft optimally aligned to Piranha Golf’s exacting tolerances. In an industry where a standard + or – 5 degrees off centre is deemed acceptable, ours is a more demanding + or – 1 degree. The end result is that our golf club product is more robust, maintains its look of quality for extended periods and plays better because it hits more truly, more often.