An Australia Golf Company Founded in 1996.



Piranha Golf  has over  the last 2 decades supported many  players and helped in their development.

We have chosen to do this confidentially as each is a seperate relationship  and we don’t impose they must use a bag  full  of our clubs.

Our clubs have been used by a US Open Champion , Winners on various Tours and Winners of Events in Australian and by Winners of local events at club level,

Piranha Golf has also completed and delivered golf clubs to a number of up and coming male players on the Australian Pro-Am circuit.

Piranha Golf will typically concentrate on hard-working and talented golfers, usually from grass-roots level, because of our belief that these players deserve to have access to premium golf equipment so that they too can reach their playing potential. Our philosophy is very simple; we want tour players’ careers to grow, commensurate with Piranha Golf’s own growth in its chosen markets. We also understand that when starting out, having access to high quality golf equipment usually presents as a quite challenging obstacle for rookies.